Plants are of great important to us

Why are Plants Important?

Plants provide us with food, shelter, oxygen, fuel and medicine. They are of great significance to all living things.

Uses of Plants

Benefits of plants

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen from their leaves, which humans and other animals need to breathe.

Living things get food from them, and they also help us in providing clean drinking water.

We also get bio-fuel from crops such as wheat, maize and sugar cane as they are commonly used to produce biodiesel and ethanol.

10 Reasons why plants are of great value to living things

There are hundreds of uses of plants, however, below are the top ten.

#1 Plants produce Oxygen

First things first, they provide us with oxygen by absorbing CO2 from the air. All living things need Oxygen to survive, and without it we would all die.

#2 They support other species

Plants are home to many birds and species and provide them shelter which has a positive impact on the ecosystem.

#3 Essential food source

Without plants, essentially all life form will starve to death. Period.

Everything from ants to humans depend on them as their main source of fuel. Even the meat we eat, eats vegetation.

#4 Clean the air

NASA has found out that everyday houseplants can absorb toxins from the air. This is a no brainer since they filter out harmful gases from the environment.

#5 Plants help with soil quality

Root help to keep the soil together, thus, prevent soil erosion.

#6 Regulate the water cycle

They play a big role in cleaning and distributing the water supply through transpiration. Plants move water from the soil to their roots, up their bodies, and back into the atmosphere.

#7 Fight climate change

As discussed earlier, vegetation absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. By reducing the CO2 in the atmosphere, plants help in reducing the carbon footprint.

#8 Source of medicine

Most medicines we use today have origins in plant life.

Example: Aspirin (Panadol) that we commonly use is extracted from willow bark, which is a plant.

#9 Used in many other products

Plant matter can be found in many everyday products, such as books, toilet paper, furniture, and clothing.

#10 Greenery improves mental health

Studies show that plants have a positive impact on the human mind.

In urban settings, where people feel disconnected from nature can greatly benefit from decorating their homes with the help of plants.


We should therefore not cut trees and plant more trees. The more trees we plant, the more it will be beneficial for us.

You can play your part by going to the nearest garden and buying a pot, or by sowing a seed in your nearest garden.

One day when the green plant grows up, it will provide other (and even you) shelter, fruits and clean air.

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